Clin Case Rep Int | Volume 5, Issue 1 | Case Report | Open Access

An Unusual Culprit of a Rectal Bleed

Nicholas Armstrong C1*, Sharjeel Paul2 and Joseph Garvin2

1University of Limerick, Graduate Entry Medical School, Ireland
2Portiuncula University Hospital, Galway, Ireland

*Correspondance to: Nicholas Armstrong C 

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Presentation: An 83-year-old man presented to hospital with 3 to 4 episodes of rectal bleeding consisting of dark red blood with clots.
Diagnosis: Routine management for per rectal bleeding commenced including blood work, radiological imaging and endoscopy. This patient’s condition presented a diagnostic challenge in determining the origin and culprit of this rectal bleed.
Treatment: The patient’s bleed was managed and treated via therapeutic endoscopy. This patient then underwent palliative care shortly after and passed away due to progression of his metastatic disease.
Conclusion: The identification and management of metastatic prostate cancer with colorectal involvement is rare and requires a more robust literature to improve the management of these patients. Obtaining the correct diagnosis is critical since there are differences in the treatment and prognosis of metastatic prostatic cancer with colonic involvement compared to primary rectal


Nicholas Armstrong C, Paul S, Garvin J. An Unusual Culprit of a Rectal Bleed. Clin Case Rep Int. 2021; 5: 1221..

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