Clin Case Rep Int | Volume 6, Issue 1 | Case Report | Open Access

Megalourethra: About a Case in Fetal Medicine

Ortegat M*, Steenhaut P, Biard JM and Bernard P

Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics, Catholic University of Louvain, Belgium

*Correspondance to: Matthieu Ortegat 

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The purpose of this case report is to provide an overview of the current knowledge about megalourethra based on a case encountered in our fetal medicine center. Megalourethra is a rare condition belonging to the group of Lower Urinary Tract Obstructions (LUTOs), which are more common. It can be diagnosed antenatally, especially in male fetuses. Megalourethra is a cystic dilation of the anterior urethra, mainly resulting in pulmonary hypoplasia and renal insufficiency in the neonatal period. Techniques are available (vesico-amniotic shunt, fetoscopy) to remove or overcome the obstacle and thus improve the neonatal and subsequent prognosis. It is essential to look for associated malformations, which are more common in megalourethra than in other conditions of the anterior urethra.



Ortegat M, Steenhaut P, Biard JM, Bernard P. Megalourethra: About a Case in Fetal Medicine. Clin Case Rep Int. 2022; 6: 1346.

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