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Citation: Clin Case Rep Int. 2024;8(1):1662.DOI: 10.25107/2638-4558.1662

CD147 Triggers TCR Signaling Pathways by Activating JNK Signaling

Zhu W, Jing L, Duan Y, Shu T, Wang D and Jiang J

Department of Cell Biology, National Translational Science Center for Molecular Medicine, Fourth Military Medical University, China

*Correspondance to: Jianli Jiang 

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T cell receptor signaling activation is important for proper T cell development and maintenance of effector T cell function upon suitable stimulation. We previously determined that CD147 (known as Basgin), a tumor-associated glycoprotein and a potential target for cancer immunotherapy, negatively regulates antitumor responses mediated by CD8+ TILs (Tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes). In this study, using genetic deletion, we showed that CD147 supports T cell receptor-mediated activation in both mouse and human T cells. Moreover, CD147-deficient T cells exhibits impairing T Cell Receptor (TCR)-related signaling events, including the phosphorylation of proximal TCR signaling molecules such as LCK and ZAP70 in vitro experiments. More importantly, CD147 is associated with TCR signaling and T cell proximal kinase activity by regulating the JNK signaling pathway. Altogether, we found a novel function of CD147 in T lymphocyte activation mediated by TCR proximal signaling and is a potential therapeutic target for preventing TCR-mediated T cell activation.


CD147; T cell receptor; JNK signaling; Antitumor response; T cell exhaustion

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Zhu W, Jing L, Duan Y, Shu T, Wang D, Jiang J. CD147 Triggers TCR Signaling Pathways by Activating JNK Signaling. Clin Case Rep Int. 2024; 8: 1662.

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